Awakening to You:

Stepping Into Your Potential

Release what's standing in your way

  • Connect with your soul, feel like yourself again.  Tap into that all knowing part of you.
  • Do a deep cleanse:  Release energies from past lifetimes that have patterns that are repeating in this lifetime. Clear that Karma, to kick excuses and resistance to the curb.
  • Get clear on who you want to be, so you can be focused and let go of anxiety and overwhelm.
  • Feel more joyful and attract amazing opportunities, because you are living your Truth.


4 Deep Dive Sessions with 

Intuitive Business Mentor and Spiritual Teacher, Jennifer Lyall


Your Package Includes:

Connect to U 

In this 2 hour virtual session, we'll clear Karma

(energy experiences in this lifetime and other lifetimes)

that is keeping you from discovering/fulfilling your Soul's Purpose and connecting more deeply with your soul.  With this "clear slate" you'll then be lead through the Your Soul Connection Meditation to connect your soul with your heart and mind.  This connects your three brains (intuitive, emotional, logical) which allows you to receive and act on Intuitive Guidance more effortlessly.


Bonus: Lifetime Access to Connect to U Self Discovery Program

In addition to experiencing Connect to U with Jennifer, you will have lifetime access to the digital Connect to U Self Discovery Program so you can refresh the connection, any time your soul craves it.  You'll receive login access by email.


Authenticity & Identity: Clearing Limiting Beliefs around being the True You 
In this one hour virtual session, through conversation, we'll explore: 
Who do you truly want to be? 
What does it mean to walk in your Truth?
What actions does this version of you take?
What do you do?
Where do you hang out?

And clear limiting beliefs that may be preventing you from stepping into your Truth


Soul Shift:  Deeper Dive Karma Clearing

A Soul Shift Session is a powerful 2 hour energy transformation that blends music, sound, sacred scents, crystals and energy clearing to let go of the energy and karma from multiple lifetimes that’s clouding you and weighing you down.  Note:  This session is only offered in person in Burlington.


Living as the True You

Through conversation, in this one hour virtual session, we'll review the coming months from a Business/career and personal perspectives. Clearing lingering Limiting Beliefs that may prevent you from achieving targets.  Integrating the teachings and understandings from the previous sessions, to identify potential triggers/issues and how to work around them.  


Note: This is really powerful transformation, like a spiritual fast-track.  We're clearing a lot in a short period of time.  This is for you if you're ready to UpLevel and commit to your spiritual journey.


What to Expect:

  • A safe healing space where you can let go, trust and know that it is ok for you to express yourself in whatever manner you need to.
  • Every session will begin by having a conversation to set an intention for the session.
  • ​Connect to U: From the comfort of your personal location, we'll connect virtually to receive distance energy clearing.  Jennifer will lead you through the sacred Connect to U process.  We shift big energy in this session.  Please be gentle on yourself for the rest of the day.  
  • Authenticity & Identity Session + Living as the True You Session:  We'll connect virtually to have powerful conversations to discuss your potential, how you truly want to live, identity patterns and release limiting beliefs.  
  • Soul Shift:   You'll be welcomed into Jennifer's healing space in Burlington, where you'll relax and lie down.  With head phones on with a music track specially curated just for you to process and release the energies that are no longer serving you (70-80 minutes).  Jennifer will provide support (I'll be right there with tissues if you need them!), do additional energy clearing, add crystals and may introduce sacred scents to facilitate the clearing.  We shift big energy in this session.  Please be gentle on yourself for the rest of the day.  
  • At the end of your sessions, you'll receive a Spiritual Prescription for practices you can do to maintain your high vibration and move forward powerfully.


All 4 sessions are to be completed within 2-8 weeks, for maximum impact.


Sessions are available 

Tuesday- Friday

10:00 am -4:00pm 

    Like a Soul Doctor that goes to the source of problem!

    Dear Jennifer!

    I can’t thank you enough again!  Your reprogramming left me a new whole person and so empowered to be who I am! The energy work done on me was performed with such a dedication... you have pulled me thru and encouraged to step out of the coccon as its a time to fly!


     It means a lot to me to meet such a beautiful lightworker soul! It’s like you are a Soul Doctor that goes to the source of problem!


    I'm speechless! Thank you for all your help! Thank you for who you are.

    Anna, UK

    Thank you!

    We appreciate your trust!

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