Soul Clarity Program

Get the clarity and insights you are seeking to understand

your Soul's Purpose and feel connected to your soul in aDeep Dive session with

 Spiritual Mentor and Intuitive Teacher, Jennifer Lyall


Your Package Includes:

Connect to U 

In this 3 hour session, we'll clear Karma

(energy experiences in this lifetime and other lifetimes)

that is keeping you from discovering your Soul's Purpose and connecting more deeply with your soul.  With this "clear slate" you'll then be lead through the Your Soul Connection Meditation to connect your soul with your heart and mind.  This connects your three brains which allows you to receive and act on Intuitive Guidance more effortlessly.


Lifetime Access to Connect to U Self Discovery Program

In addition to experiencing Connect to U live with Jennifer, you will have lifetime access to the digital Connect to U Self Discovery Program so you can refresh the connection, any time your soul craves it.


Soul Clarity

In this portion of the session, we will review your values, your interests and areas that you are curious about and tune in the area of focus to understand your Soul's Purpose.




Sessions are available 

Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday

10:00 am or 12:00pm EST (Toronto time)

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